Hollywood Star Jon Voight Moved to Tears by Prophecy of Jeremiah

by Leah Rosenberg

Famous actor Jon Voight is a good friend to Israel. That’s not a given when you come from the Hollywood world! He should be commended!

Jon Voight in Israel

Jon Voight gets what many other people don’t. He gets it about Israel. He gets it about the Jewish people and the Bible. Voight understands it so much that he was even moved to tears by realizing that the prophecy of Jeremiah came true.

If only we were all so moved by the Bible and the prophecies coming true right before our eyes! It’s truly miraculous and remarkable. But at the same time, we have to realize that of course the prophecies are coming true. G-d made promises, and He kept them. The Bible is real. For those who believe in G-d and the Bible, it should not be surprising that everything is coming into fruition! Yes, it is still something to thank G-d for and to take note of; to shout to the world! It is something incredible. And it is truly unbelievable to be living in these times. But it is not surprising for G-d to keep His word, of course!

If Jon Voight who is not even Jewish can recognize that Biblical prophecies are literally coming true before the eyes of the world, every Jew should most definitely see the truth! The proof is right before our eyes. If only more people would just open their eyes…

See below for a great interview with Jon Voight in Hebron:

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