Watch as Misfired Rocket from Terrorists Lands in Gaza

by Phil Schneider

When Arabs from Gaza shoot more than a thousand missiles at Israel, the anti-Israel haters mobilize to accuse Israel of shooting mercilessly at innocent Arabs. Note – The Arabs are shooting from the exact part of Israel where Israel destroyed more than ten Jewish communities in order to build an Arab State. But, this time, like nearly every time the Arabs attack Israel, they also attack their own by mistake. This time, it was captured on camera.

Are the attackers always responsible for the counterattacks? Is there no merit to the anti-Israel argument that Israel fights back disproportionately? The two questions are valid.

First of all, yes – those who attack are responsible for the counterattacks. But yes – even if a counterattack is justified, that does not justify anything and everything that is done. But Israel is always accused of being the Goliath hitting the poor unarmed Arabs too hard.

The truth is that the Arabs who shoot missiles at Israel strategically place their missile launchers smack in the middle of civilian populations. That of course leads Israel to retaliate and occasionally kill non-belligerents. But Israel and no other country should ever be accused of retaliation. The aggressors are the guilty party.

As for Israel’s responses being disproportionate, that is exactly the right strategy for all defenders of freedom to use against the dangerous attackers. Nothing provides a more lasting peace than a disproportionate response that scares the aggressors into submission. It is time for Israel and other countries to say this loud and clear. For every missile shot, Israel will respond with one hundred. It SHOULD be completely disproportionate in order to make the terrorists think ten times before firing at Israel.

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