War Is Coming To Israel’s North – Are They Ready?

by Micha Gefen

Since the of the 2006 Lebanon War, tensions have flared at numerous times between Israel and Iranian backed Hezbollah without repeating that conflict. Now many people believe that this time is different. Why?

In 2006, Hezbollah had lots of long ranged rockets. However, they had yet to be turned into a seasoned army they are now. The Syrian Civil War has changed the group from a terrorist organization to a mini-army that is prepared to wage a protracted conflict with its enemies.

With Israel relentlessly pounding Iranian positions in Syria, it appears that Iran is finally ready to strike using its proxy Hezbollah.

As opposed to the past, there are now Russian air defense systems in Syria, Russian support, as well as almost nothing holding back anyone from fighting Israel. That being said, given the predicament Israel’s government now finds itself in, it will be hard to restrain Netanyahu and his cabinet from crushing Hezbollah completely.

Hezbollah head Hasan Nasrallah may attack Israel, but he will have to way what response he is willing to receive by doing so.

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