Viral Video: 28 Year-Old Bibi Gives Eerie Prediction

by Phil Schneider

A young Benjamin Netanyahu. back in the late 70’s, explained everything. Has there ever been a person who explained the story of the battle between the Arabs and the Jews in the State of Israel. It’s all very simple and clear to this young man who would ultimately become the longest-standing Prime Minister of Israel. 

When will there be peace in the Middle East? When the Arabs stop demanding land for yet another Arab State in the Middle East, then perhaps there will be room for genuine peace in the Middle East. But that is nowhere on the horizon today. Can it happen in the future? Perhaps. It will take at least another generation till the present Arab generation’s indoctrination of genocidal hatred will pass. But for the next few decades, Israel will have no choice but to defend itself constantly. 

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bubbe June 10, 2024 - 5:25 am

Netanyahu was right then…He continues to be right. Truth doesn’t change.

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