Shocking Evidence on the Rafah Explosion the Media Will Never Show You

by Leah Rosenberg

What’s the truth about the Rafah explosion? The media has shared Hamas propaganda as if a terror group is trustworthy. But here are the facts.

The Truth About the Rafah Explosion

Once again, the proof has been revealed: The IDF does not target innocent civilians. In fact, Israel does everything it can to minimize civilian casualties. No other country has taken the extreme measures Israel has taken to protect the civilians of an enemy. And yet, Israel was still blamed for the Rafah explosion. Who should have been blamed? Hamas. Why can’t the world manage to blame the terrorist organization in charge of the Gaza strip? Why can’t they call out this vicious group for anything? Hamas and Gazan civilians invaded Israel on Oct. 7, carried out the most heinous of crimes that no one thought was humanly possible, is still holding innocent Israelis as hostages in horrendous conditions, and then the world has the audacity to blame Israel for a targeted attack in Rafah? It is so irrational that it’s hard to believe the world can be so antisemitic and ignorant.

Wake up, world! How much more insane can people be? The truth is so clear. The fact that people can distort reality and make it seem like a terrorist organization is good and that a moral, freedom-loving place like Israel is bad is so, so twisted.

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