US Truckers to Drive to DC Joining Canadian Truckers Freedom Protest

by Leah Rosenberg

US Truckers are following what Canadian truckers did. They have all had enough and want their freedoms back!

US Truckers Follow Lead of Canadian Counterparts

Freedom-loving people have had enough – including truckers throughout the world. After Canadian truckers organized what might be the largest truck convoy in history, US truckers have decided to do something as well. They are organizing a truck convoy from California to Washington, D.C. to protest vaccine mandates.

People have had enough of vaccine mandates. It is not even a question of being pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. It is a question of being pro-freedom! Everyone should have the choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate against COVID-19. The fact that states and countries are forcing people to get vaccinated goes against personal freedoms. And people are protesting that. People want their freedom of choice back!

These people are not extremists. They are not the minority. The media outlets might want you to believe that, but it’s not true. Why would anyone want the government to take away their personal choices? Individuals should not be told what to do when it is about personal choices. And yet, that is exactly what has been happening with COVID-19, and it’s enough!

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