The Mainstream Media is Hiding this Massive Revolt Taking Place in Canada

by Phil Schneider

Thousands of truckers are driving across Canada in protest. They are being greeted by tens of thousands of supporters who are lining the roads that they are driving through. And the Prime Minister of Canada labels them a small fringe.

When a revolt of such proportions takes place in Canada, it is a travesty that this is not reported at all across mainstream media. It is worse to ignore than to criticize. But that is the most powerful tool that mainstream media uses – silence. That is why it is so important to spread this issue far and wide.

The decision to force people to make medicinal choices is not without logic. After all, this is a massive pandemic. However, the positives of forcing people to make health choices does not outweigh the dangers of forcing people to do things they think are not good for them.

The argument that sciences is a one-sided issue on a matter that clearly has multiple opinions lays bear the fact that what is going on here is an attempt to force people into doing something that may or may not be good for them. In 5 or 10 years, it will become more clear what the proper thing ought to have been. But the arguments of those who are hesitant or against taking the jab is indeed a legitimate argument, albeit a minority opinion.

That is exactly what the core of the problem is. When democratically electing our leaders, we are not electing tyrants. We are electing leaders. Good leaders do not lead through force, but by example. It is perfectly fine to lobby and use their bully pulpit to encourage lifestyle choices. It is yet another thing to force people into making those lifestyle choices. The freedom caravan is an historic event in Canada.

As for Dave Rubin’s argument that Canadians are not violent or angry people, well, perhaps he should go to a professional hockey game and sit in the cheap seats. That may change his opinion a bit. But Dave Rubin’s point is still right on.

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