Teen Attacks Jews in London on Eve of Holocaust Memorial Day

by Leah Rosenberg

Another attack in London against the Jewish people. And on the eve of International Holocaust Memorial Day! It is enough!

Another Antisemitic Attack…on Holocaust Memorial Day

Malachi Thorpe, an 18 year old, attacked two Jews on the eve of International Holocaust Memorial Day. Just 18 years old, and he already has so much hatred in him. It is yet another attack in London – and in Stamford Hill. These antisemitic attacks seem never-ending! When will it end?

He was caught on camera and subsequently arrested. Thorpe pleaded not guilty on all the accounts he was charged with. He can’t even admit that he is an antisemite who attacked two innocent Jews!

Attacks like these should not only alarm Jews, but they should wake up the world. There are people out there with so much hate. And whether someone is Jewish or not, that should terrify them. The fact that people can hate so deeply. The fact that people are willing to assault others for no reason. What if one of these men was your father? Your uncle? Your husband or your friend?

And on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day. The age-old Jew hatred still exists. Antisemitism still exists. Sadly, it is growing again.

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