The Next Generation Has No Idea How Crucial This is

by Leah Rosenberg

Does studying history really matter? Does it really make a difference to know about the past? Historian Victor Davis Hanson has the answers.

Is Studying History that Important?

It seems that many people nowadays do not believe in the importance of studying history. You can see it by the way many people act and and the beliefs they have. There wouldn’t need to be a video like this if the world valued history! Sadly, many people really don’t see why it is important. They want to live in the present without caring about what they consider the past.

But this video nails it. It points out why history is so crucial to our lives.

And somehow, these aspects are being missed. And when people don’t know the past, how can they possibly have a successful future? How can they presently live their best lives?

No, life will still not be perfect. Situations will happen. World problems might happen. Political turmoil. We can’t stop everything or change everything. History is not the answer to all of life’s problems, but it is definitely necessary for survival.

Just take a look at the Jewish people. They are a people of history; a people that survives because they remember. Because they learn about their past and study it. Because they value where they come from in order to know where they are going; in order to fully live in the present. The past, for the Jewish people, is as relevant as the here and now. Everyone in the world can learn from the way the Jews value history.

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