WATCH: Israeli National Anthem Played For The First Time In The Royal Palace of Abu Dhabi

by Micha Gefen

As tensions rise between Israel and Iran, Israel’s national anthem was played for the first time in the royal palace of Abu Dhabi for a state for Israel’s President.

Despite the growing relationship between Israel and the UAE since the Abraham Accords, Israel’s national anthem was never played in an official capacity in Abu Dhabi’s royal palace. With President Herzog’s state visit that changed.

This act comes at a very sensitive time due to rising tensions between Iran and Israel as well as the recent missile attack by the Iranian backed Houthis on Abu Dhabi. From the beginning of the accords, the UAE and Israel so themselves as natural partners against Iran. The connections have expanded in the form of business, technology, and military.

The coming conflict requires the UAE and Israel to potentially take out Iran’s nuclear program without help from the USA – a daunting task and one that could ignite the entire region.

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