US Senator Gave the Most Epic Response to the Biden Admin Stopping Arms to Israel 

by Phil Schneider

Its not that complicated. Israel is surrounded by enemies that act clearly to obliterate the State of Israel. They continue to rain down missiles on Israel’s north and south in coordinated assaults intended to maximize the killing of Jews. Meanwhile, their commander-in-chief, the radical regime in Iran, has exposed their never hidden goal of joining in on the missile attacks of Israel. Israel is under massive attack from multiple fronts. If there ever was a time that Israel’s allies were being tested, it is now. 

Joe Biden’s Presidency has displayed clearly that Israel can rely on America – but only in a limited fashion. During the first month or two of the onslaught on Israel, the Democrat Party’s foreign policy was clearly to stand with Israel. But there were clearly some concerns that Israel had as the Biden administration made it clear that they cared less about the humanitarian issues of tens of thousands of Israeli refugees, yet they only were concerned about the Gaza refugees. 

This small concern has ballooned into a massive wholesale betrayal of the State of Israel as the war has progressed. The same Democrat leaders who cared less about hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees caught up in the Syrian Civil War less than a decade ago have made it clear that only one group of refugees bother them – the anti-Israel terror supporting refugees in Gaza. These are the only refugees that progressive college professors and their rioting and protesting students who support them are willing to focus on. 

Tormented Israelis who live or used to live near the Israeli borders don’t matter. Israeli hostages don’t matter.  Selective progressives choose carefully who they care about based on progressive values. Their limited capacity for concern is mirrored by Joe Biden’s limited capacity to discern the moral obtuseness of his policies.

The reality is clear and quite harsh. The Democrat Party has largely thrown Israel under the bus in it’s time of need. Despite many strong supporters of the State of Israel in Congress, at the Executive level, and throughout the foreign policy establishment in the State Department, Israel has many enemies.  Some of Israel’s foes in senior positions are straight-out supporters of the Hamas mass killing of Jews. 

Is there a chance for a correction of the confused and wrong morals that have taken hold of much of the Democrat Party? Well, anything is possible. But there is no indication that anything will improve on that front as most of the future leaders of the Democrat Party are presently in Ivy League Universities around the country. Following decades of latent antisemitism, It has become stylish again to be openly antisemitic. Not only Democrats have embraced this new-old fashion. Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens and others have also jumped on the openly anti-Jewish bandwagon. But they don’t say it in an outright fashion – they simply interview the most anti-Israel haters and let them do the vicious work of selective concern for human rights. 

But by and large, the Republican Party has stood squarely with Israel over the last few decades and has proven to be reliably pro-Israel. Sen. Graham did not just wake up now to be pro-Israel. His record on the State of Israel has been stalwart for decades. Lindsey Graham is indeed a true friend and reliable supporter of the State of Israel. He has even teamed up with some Democrats over the years to solidify the bi-partisan support of the State of Israel that used to be the norm in Congress. Those were the days…     

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