Brilliant Parody on College Gaza Encampments Will Have You on the Floor Laughing

by Leah Rosenberg

This parody about the absurd Gaza encampments will have you dying of laughter. It shows the truth about these so-called “human rights” lovers.

The Truth about the Gaza Encampments

Maybe this parody will help some people wake up to the truth about the Gaza encampments taking place all around America and the world. They are not for any good purpose. The people running these foolish shows are all Jew-haters, freedom-haters, and democracy-haters. These lunatics do not only hate Israel, but they hate America and the entire freedom-loving world.

Some people are oblivious to the truth about these “solidarity” encampments. This hysterical parody sheds so much light on what these Israel-haters are all about.

Comedy is important. If we can’t laugh at the absurdities, we will end up crying. It is sad how crazy much of the world has become. But with a little humor, we’ll survive the nonsense.

The American leadership needs to step up its game. Biden and his administration have been doing a terrible job at stopping the horrifying antisemitism and madness taking place on college campuses. This administration is failing the Jewish people and failing the American people everyday. Let’s hope a change happens soon – before it’s too late.

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