US, Russia, and Israel join together for historic security summit held in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

How often do you have such a historic security summit like this? AND in Jerusalem? Maybe this will bring with it a future that no one thought was possible!

The Historic Security Summit

The United States’ John Bolton, Russia’s Nikolai Patrushev, and Israel’s Meir Ben-Shabbat joined together in Israel’s holy capital, Jerusalem, to discuss the security of the Middle East and regional issues. And this was most definitely a historic security summit! Everyone is aware of the instability in the Middle East. Syria’s civil war, Iran’s desire to build a nuclear weapon and gain more power in the region, and more. Israel wants Iran out of Syria. And of course, Russia has made itself known in the area.

Israel has Global Status

The Jewish state is not an insignificant country. They make their presence known, not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world. Israel has positively impacted the world in so many ways, and they deserve to be hosting a security summit and to actually have countries respect their need for security.

We all want peace. The question is, will this security summit bring those hopes of peace closer?

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