US Rep. tells the Left why America’s relationship with Israel is crucial

by Phil Schneider

The United States should not support Israel out of sympathy for the Jewish State. The United States should continue to support the State of Israel because as Representative Crenshaw puts it, “It’s mutually beneficial.”

A Short History of the US – Israel Relationship

This has not always been the case. In the 1940’s and early 1950’s, it was not so clear what would become of the young Israeli state. The State Department had a point when they objected to the recognition of the State of Israel. David Ben-Gurion had a clear socialistic leaning. It would not have shocked many people had he chosen to be part of the Soviet Union’s satellite countries instead of the Western Anti-Soviet countries. The oil, and therefore abundant wealth, of the Arab countries was always a stronger pull for the State Department than the moral draw to the young Jewish State. The main reason why the United States supported the young State was the bold moral leadership of Harry S. Truman. There was no other logical reason that made sense. Israel looked like it was on the verge of disaster right after the declaration of the State of Israel. It indeed was, but it survived the disaster of losing a full 1% of it’s population in the War of Independence – 6,000 of 600,000 people. Although the United States did not provide weapons to the State of Israel for the first 20 or so years of the State, it did provide moral support and some economic support.

The Turning Point

But, in 1967, everything changed. Israel was again on the verge of destruction on the eve of the Six Day War. But, Israel did not merely survive. It handily won a battle on three fronts (and destroyed four Arab Air Forces.) Israel tripled in size and emerged a small military power that packed a mighty punch – especially via it’s Air Force. AFTER the Six Day War, the US began supporting the State of Israel with weapons. Israel sorely needed them over the coming years. But, at this point, the US also was gaining enormously as Israel served as the real-life testing ground for the weapons – a reality show for the weapons companies. This has continued until today. The relationship is indeed mutually beneficial. It is in both of our interests.

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