The music video that will make you feel the holiness of Jerusalem

by Chaya Cikk

What a wonderful music video, this amazing choir is singing about the holiness of Jerusalem. I yearn to return to the Holy City to see the sights again.

Holiness of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a holy city for many people. For the Jews, it’s a place where the Temple once stood and will stand again. The Temple was the House of God, a place where Jews would come and bring sacrifices to Him. Not to mention a place where one could come and talk to Him and feel close to God. The only wall left, since the Temple was destroyed is the Western Wall. Not to mention this is where Jews from all over the world come to pray and come to feel close to God. It is one of the holiest sights in Jerusalem.

Furthermore, there are also other holy sites in Jerusalem. For example, there are many ancient Synagogues, a place where people came to pray, a place where there were Bible Scrolls or Prayer Books.

For many people, a grave of a righteous person is a holy site. King David is buried right outside the Old City of Jerusalem on Mount Zion. There are many other great Rabbi’s buried on Har HaZeitim, the Mountain of Olives.

Considering all these places in Jerusalem one can not argue that this is not the holiest city. Additionally, it is and always will be the eternal capital of Israel.


A song of ascents,
Those who trust in God,
Are as Mount Zion which can not be moved,
But abides forever,
Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains,
God is around His people for now and forever.

Finally, you can see by the look on these faces and how they sing that they’ve put their heart and soul into this song. What is more, is that it is something quite special to watch.

First Fruits
Blood Libel
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