Listen to this and you’ll see why Brooke Goldstein had the whole room applauding

by Leah Rosenberg

Brooke Goldstein has got it SO right. Many people do not, but she does. Let’s call things by what they are. No more beating around the bush.

Brooke Goldstein and Words

Brooke Goldstein spoke in Manhattan at the Annual Jerusalem Post Conference. And she definitely got everyone’s attention! People want to see a change in how much antisemitism there is. They want to see a change in how much terrorism exists in Israel. But the problem is, no one uses the correct terminology. The world refers to one of the most antisemitic and racist movements as “The BDS Movement.” What does that do? It makes it seem like a legitimate and acceptable group. Goldstein talks about this “paradigm shift” that is necessary to make a real change. Words DO make a difference. The correct terminology DOES matter.

Other Examples Goldstein Gave

The other examples that Brooke Goldstein gave should really make the world think. Some like to call the idea of creating a Palestinian Arab state side by side with the Jewish state a “two-state solution.” But what is it really? As Goldstein says, “Creating another Islamist state in a sea of failed Islamic dictatorships.” Additionally, when people call Jewish “settlements” just that, it is wrong. These so-called “settlements” are homes and villages in the JEWISH homeland. They are not an obstacle to peace. And as Brooke said, “And anybody who says that a Jewish home is an obstacle to peace is advocating for a Judenrein Islamist Palestinian state.”

These 3 minutes are so powerful. What she says is so straightforward and clear. Everyone needs to listen!

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