US Navy fires warning shots at approaching Iranian vessels in the Gulf

by Leah Rosenberg

Iranian vessels began to swarm US ships and did not heed verbal warnings. But is it that shocking that Iran breaks international law?

Iranian Vessels Approach US Navy

This is not the only recent activity like this from Iranian vessels. Whether this event was dictated by the Iranian leaders or just local commanders acting on their own, Iran is clearly trying to threaten the US. And the US must defend itself and stand strong against the terrorists of the world.

The world wants to have nuclear talks and nuclear deals with Iran. You can’t have “talks” with regimes like Iran. They don’t care to negotiate. Actually, they do want to negotiate, because they are the world experts at strategic thinking, chess like thinking. Force them to talk and they will get exactly what they want to achieve.

They don’t care what the international world thinks. The Iranian regime will break international law without thinking twice. Their goal is not to live peacefully with other countries. Their goal is to destroy whatever gets in their way of building a nuclear weapon to destroy not only Israel, but the entire Western world. It is not only Israel that is targeted by Iran. Iran and its proxies are trying to take down the good in the world. This is about good vs. evil. And it is terrifying that the current US administration cannot see that.

Of course, Western media totally misunderstands Iran and the strategic brilliance of the Islamic regime of Iran. As we can see in this news report where the “expert” mistakenly concludes that the Iranian aggression is about stopping the nuclear talks. Iran has been harassing US ships and interests for years, no connection to the disastrous nuclear talks that Biden just restarted.

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