British journalist Piers Morgan destroys the idea that men can be mothers

by Phil Schneider

The family unit is under attack. What was a given for thousands of years is now a perfectly optional issue for anyone to choose as they believe. Meaning, a person’s gender is now something for someone to choose. It is not a given. From where does all of this come from?

The source of the ideas that have led to concepts such as fathers being mothers is the removal of G-d from the modern lexicon. When G-d is removed, then there are no absolute morals. Once morals cannot be termed as right or wrong, then there are no limits to what people can decide is normal or not. After all, everything is fine as there are no absolutes. But once G-d is in the world, that changes everything. That brings the world to a place where a choice can be moral or immoral. A choice can be right or wrong. There are consequences for our actions.

But these kinds of attitudes are out of style in much of today’s Western culture. Some liken what is going on today to Greek culture in ancient times. Perhaps. It would seem to me that the key discussion that must be encouraged is one as to whether or not there is a G-d. It is not a simple discussion, and it is not a black and white issue for everyone. But as the idea of a G-d becomes more and more part of the discussion, it will lead to more depth in terms of decisions on issues such as transgenders and the family unit.

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