Ramadan Attacks Continue South of Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

Ramadan attacks are nothing new. Arab muslims are often times inspired to carry out attacks on Jewish Israelis during their holy month. However, this year’s Ramadan appears to be far different. From riots in Jerusalem and Jaffa to attacks on soldiers, this Ramadan has seen a level of violence that has bordered on an intifada.

Two attempted stabbings in Gush Etzion against the IDF, one on Thursday and one this morning shows just how desperate the Arabs of Judea and Samaria are. Out of money and hope, Ramadan becomes a trigger for attacking the IDF and getting money from the corrupt PA – if they survive.

The Arabs are trying their best to harass Jews and push them out. It will won’t matter. All the violence and hate is just a last gasp of a failed society that is unravelling. The current set of riots may be scary, but is a reaction to Israel’s strengthening its hold over traditional Jewish areas.

From “eastern” Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, more and more Jews are moving into areas of spiritual and national importance. These small fledgling communities are not “colonies” as the left wants the world to believe, but rather reestablished communities and neighborhoods of the one and only Jewish State.

The PA promises downtrodden Arabs money for attacks on these areas. True, most of these attacks have been unsuccessful, but that has not stopped the Arabs from trying. After all, its Ramadan and someone is paying for the terrorism.

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