Massive prayer gathering at Western wall for tragedy at Mount Meron

by Leah Rosenberg

Jews of all walks of life joined together in prayer on Saturday night for the fallen and the injured of the Mount Meron tragedy.

Mount Meron Tragedy

Every year on a special day in the Jewish calendar known as Lag Baomer, Jews of all different kinds unify at Mount Meron. They sing together, celebrate, dance, and pray. It is the gravesite of a famous and holy Rabbi known as Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Tragically, this year, the event ended in a terrible disaster; said to be the worst in Israel’s history during peacetime. 45 innocent people were left dead. It is still unclear exactly how the tragedy happened, but what we know right now is that people are left mourning their loved ones. It is heartbreaking how during a time of such unity, such a tragedy could happen. We cannot understand G-d’s ways. But the response right now should just be prayer and comforting those who need to be comforted. And that is why Jewish people from all sects of Judaism joined together at the Western Wall to pray for the injured and to mourn those who fell in this catastrophe.

People all throughout Israel donated blood for the victims, and there was an overflow of blood donations.

All of Israel is crying and praying.

May Israel know no more suffering, and may the redemption come soon.

Below is a memorial on the walls of the Old City for those who perished in the tragedy.

Moments before tragedy befell the Jewish people, all these Jews at Mount Meron were unified, praying for the redemption. What a beautiful and holy gathering.

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