US military labels Evangelical Christians and Catholics as extremists

by Phil Schneider

There is a problem of extremism in the United States of America. It is the problem of silencing nearly anybody that I don’t agree with. This is a problem that used to be a fringe issue. But it now dominates many centers of power – even in the Military. If Catholics and Evangelicals are now being highlighted as extremists to beware of, then there is something very wrong going on in the United States Military.

What is so ridiculous is that so many of those who say we need to “start a conversation” about this or that, are the same people who are silencing any conversation by those they disagree with. Actually, what is needed is not more conversation. What is needed is less shutting of mouths. What is needed is genuine freedom to express one’s viewpoints without fear of being labeled and canceled. What most people today are scared of is that they will lose their jobs or be canceled by their surroundings if they don’t toe the line of political correctness. This is a horrible norm that must be dealt with. How? Not just through more conversation, but through laws that are enacted that rid our society of cancel culture’s cancerous impact.

Once a person who is against homosexuality – for whatever religious or non-religious reasons – cannot express their opinions without being labeled a homophobic extremist, the world becomes dangerous. Once a person who is for homosexuality cannot express their opinions freely without being labeled a pejorative term, the world becomes dangerous too. The free exchange of ideas in an open and non-PC environment is what is needed in order for everyone to have the freedom to think, vote, and live as they see fit.

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