Untouched Maccabean Caves Discovered in a Mason’s Backyard

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not everyday that a system of Maccabean caves is discovered. This is the perfect way to get into the holiday of Hanukkah.

Unexplored Maccabean Caves

The amount of history and archaeology that is discovered “just” in people’s backyards is incredible. It seems like every step a person takes in Israel leads to another discovery. Although the modern state of Israel might be “new,” the ancient homeland of Israel is thousands of years old. And therefore, there is rich history just waiting to be explored. It is unbelievable to hear about this Maccabean cave system now during the eight day holiday of Hanukkah!

What better way to learn about the story than to see some of its evidence with your own eyes? What better way to celebrate than to learn about the history of the Jewish people and how miraculous the story really was? You can see how much the Maccabees sacrificed to defeat the Greeks and keep their Judaism alive and strong.

There is nothing like that feeling of walking in the same places that your ancestors walked. And to constantly discover new places about where they walked and what they did is fascinating beyond words.

The more the world denies Jewish history, the more the facts and the past come up to prove the world wrong. You don’t have to search far and wide to discover in Israel. You don’t have to dig so deep to find the truth. And it is truly something unique and spectacular!

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