Press Secretary has no Answers When Fox Reporter Calls Out Biden’s Hypocrisy

by Phil Schneider

Working for Joe Biden is not easy. One needs to justify many actions of a nice older man who is clearly not able to function in his present capacity as leader of the free world. But there are many reasons why he continues to serve in the Oval Office.

Until the mid-term elections in 2022, it is very convenient for much of the leadership of the Democrat Party to have a person in charge that is completely pliable to whatever Barack Obama or some other person “recommends” he do. Biden himself claimed that he talks with Obama every day. There is no question that Obama is one of his most important advisors – even if he only speaks with him by telephone each day.

But it is more than that. Even much of the Republican leadership realize that Biden is a blessing for there own situation. Congress will almost certainly shift to the Republican side as long as the White House continues it’s path of poor leadership in the Oval Office. The entire world has taken notice and realizes that America is no longer the true leader of the free world. But that can change – in 2022 and especially in 2024.

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