UN & Western World Ignore How Hamas Use Gaza Youth as Human Shields

by Avi Abelow

One of many examples of how the evil Arab Muslims in Gaza use their own children as human shields.

In the following video, you clearly see a youth scouts center with a huge area of rocket launchers embedded in the building.

These same evil Arab Muslims embed rocket launchers in their hospitals, schools and residential buildings, making it impossible for Israel to stop their attacks on Israel without endangering civilians. Hence, Hamas is responsible for every single Gazan civilian injured or killed.

“Innocent” Civlians?

This then brings up the questions, are the Gazans who are not terrorists really innocent civilians?

First of all, a majority of Arab Muslims in Gaza voted voted for Hamas in the last election, showing that they support the evil ways of Hamas.

Second, when one looks at the videos of the horrific Oct. 7th massacre, one clearly sees many unarmed Gazans infiltrating the fence and storming into the Israeli communities. Official stats have around 1,000 unarmed Gazans taking part in the massacre of innocent Israelis in their communites.

Third, when one looks at the videos of the evil Arab Muslim Gazans driving captured Israelis, dead or alive, through the streets of Gaza, the civilians on the streets are celebrating!

Fourth, just last night, Hamas organized a mass screening of videos from the Oct. 7th massacre on a big screen for the public outside the Shiffa hospital in Gaza city. The outside screening area was packed with “innocent” civilians.

Do you think they are so innocent?

Regardless, Israel and the IDF are trying as best as possible to limit the damage to civilians. That is why the IDF gives constant warnings for civilians to leave their homes and go down South in order to evacuate the areas that the IDF plans to bomb in order to destroy the terror infrastructure built by Hamas underground and in all the public and residential buildings.

This is the challenge that Israel has, that the world ignores. Instead of bashing Hamas for using their own civilians as human shields and being responsible for the deaths and humanitarian disaster, the world instead blames Israel.

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