UC Merced and SFSU academics invite convicted terrorist to speak at event…again

by Leah Rosenberg

Shame on you, UC Merced and SFSU. How dare you glorify terrorism! All the good people of the world must stand up to this madness!

SFSU, UC Merced – Seriously?

How in the world can ANY university – a place where young minds are being formed – invite a convicted terrorist to speak? San Francisco State University, or SFSU, and University of California Merced have invited Leila Khaled, a terrorist, to speak to their students. It is a faculty-organized event, and it’s supposed to happen this Friday, April 23rd – tomorrow.

This is a very troubling issue that was taken care of, but has popped up again. The video above was produced the first time this terrorist was allowed to be a speaker when SFSU invited Khaled back in September 2020. The man in this video, Rodney Khazzam, took a stand then. Why? Because he was on a flight that Leila Khaled hijacked when he was just four years old.

There are so many Arab activists, who are not convicted terrorists, who they can invite. There are moderate Arabs who want peace. But these universities chose not to invite those Arabs.

These universities should be ashamed of themselves.

*Send an EMAIL* (from mobile) to demand that UC Merced uninvite Khaled and instead focus on promoting voices of Palestinian Activists that *do not advocate for violence and terrorism!* http://bit.ly/DontLetTerroristsEducate

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