Has Israel Really Given Into The US-Iranian Nuclear Agreement?

by David Mark

With the US appearing to return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, it appears on the surface at least that Israel is ready to accept the US position in order to stay on the good side of the Biden administration.

This of course is only public posturing and most likely Israel is opting to return to the Obama era strategy of covert operations versus direct attacks against Iranian forces. Given the animosity of the Biden administration against Israel, this change in tactics makes a lot of sense.

The real strategy for Israel is to buy time by using the Mossad to hold back Iranian progress, while hoping for a different President in 2024.

However, Iran wants to drag out the negotiations long enough to build up a sizable amount of uranium enriched to 60%, which is weapons grade. One should not expect Israel to stand by and watch the Iranians build weapons with the aim of attacking the Jewish state. Expect increased covert attacks and a return to arming dissidents within the Iran and northeastern Iraq that will help Israel to push back on Iran’s hegemonic aspirations.

The goal of the politicians is to publicly placate the US government, while allowing Israeli operatives and allies the ability push back on the Iranian nuclear program in a way that does not upend US-Israel relations. The challenge though is that the region is far different than in Obama’s time.

From the Chinese alliance with Iran, to both Turkey and Russia actively meddling in Syria and Iraq, Israel was hoping to rely on its newest partners – the Sunni Arab Gulf states. Although there is still hope that the Abraham Accords will bear military fruit against the Ayatollahs, the Biden administration is actively undercutting the normalization agreements.

With Israel still without a government and the US actively putting the Jewish State in harms way by drawing close to the Iranian regime, Israel may need more than covert operations to hold back its most dangerous foe.

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