UC Berkeley students share some interesting views on free speech

by Gavriel Dan

In a very clear display of the hypocrisy often found at American universities Prager U’s Will Witt asks a variety of students at UC Berkeley about their views of free speech at UC Berkeley.

Most of the students didn’t know how to answer when asked an example of hate speech, although they were very clear that hate speech is not free speech. One student overtly stated his support of communism.

Conservative students said that their views were seen as radical. When one conservative student is asked what he thinks about free speech at Berkeley he said “It doesn’t exist. Conservatives are routinely stalked and harassed.”

Most students had a puzzled look on their faces when asked the question: “Is Free speech, hate speech?”

American universities are increasingly becoming a hot bed of radical thought. More alarming is the growth in the inability for students to critically think about issues. Most rather hide behind their safe spaces than deal with resolving challenges to their view points.

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