Arab children in Israel are taught to be violent to Israeli soldiers

by Phil Schneider

It is a sad reality, but in Israel, Arab children often do not become radicalized at a later age or in their teenage years. They are taught and incentivized from a young age to be violent when they see the Israel Defense Forces. Of course, the detractors of the State of Israel will say, “Well, why don’t you just let them live on their own, and stop occupying them, and then they won’t have anything to demonstrate against?” Been there, done that. That makes a small problem into a massive problem.

Gush Katif and The Gaza Strip – The Ultimate Proof

Anti-Israel demonstrators and Arabs love to yell at Israel about the so-called “occupation.” The basic premise happens to be wrong, as Israel does not occupy any of the Land of Israel. Israel’s claim to all of the Land of Israel is 10 times stronger than any other claim. However, putting that issue aside, and being pragmatic and not ideological, the question does exist, “Would Israel be better off if they simply let the Arabs have their own country and run their own lives in the areas of Judea and Samaria?” Let’s examine what Israel can expect from implementing such a plan. It’s actually not so hard to imagine at all. After all, Israel did exactly that just 14 years ago. Israel removed all Jewish townsmen from the area of Gush Katif – nearly 10,000 people, and gave the Arabs in the Gaza Strip the entire area on Israel’s southwest coast. This is analogous to the United States giving away a part of Southern California to a Mexican-filled population and saying to them, “Now, you go and run your own lives.”

Well, the Arabs of the Gaza Strip promptly went ahead and built a full-fledged terrorist state. Nearly all funds that flooded the area from the European Union and other Arab countries was funneled to building terror tunnels and building tens of missile launching pads all over the areas where Jewish tows once stood. So, should Israel take another chance in Judea and Samaria by doing the same failed exercise? Of course not. These are not games. We are talking about the lives of Israelis. So, even though the status quo is not good, there is no better alternative. We’d rather be Goliath who the world criticizes than a weak David that is dead. It’s good to be the Goliath for once in history – especially a morally superior Goliath.

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