Two Israeli Brothers Murdered In The Shomron By Hamas

by David Mark

Brothers Hallel and Yigal Yaniv from Har Bracha were murdered today as they drove through Hawara, south of their community. Hamas has claimed the attack.

The Yaniv brothers were ambushed in Hawara, which remains the only way to reach Har Bracha, Itamar, and Elon Moreh from the south. Within minutes, Israeli Defense Forces were on scene and are actively conducting searches for the assailants.

Magen David Adom and United Haztalah administered CPR, but were forced to declare the two Israeli victims dead en route.

Clashes have occurred Israeli and Arabs at the scene of the attack.

In response to the attack, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has thrown his support behind the Death Penalty for terrorist bill pushed by Minister Itamar Ben Gvir.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has called an emergency security summit in light of the attack.

Hundreds of people lined the streets from the home of the two brothers till the cemetery where they were buried.

‘Instead of seeing them get married, we are burying our sons’ | ערוץ 7 (

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