Trump’s reply to Saudi prince proves “America made the right choice”

by Phil Schneider

When Donald Trump was elected, there were many people who were reasonably concerned with his seemingly erratic personality. Although this may indeed be a detriment for the commander-in-chief, it is also an advantage – as long as he is surrounded by capable advisers. This is exactly the case today. There is no need to turn Donald Trump into a model for moral behavior in order to support some of his policies. There were many people who reasonably supported Bill Clinton though were appalled at some of his personal behavior too.

An Unpredictable Commander-in-Chief

There is nothing that is more difficult for an enemy than a powerful and unpredictable commander-in-chief. That is what President Trump has proven to be. The best analogy to this was made by Victor Davis Hanson who gave the example of General Patton. During World War II, the German army thought that they had reached a strategic advantage in the Battle of the Bulge in order to salvage a limited victory out of the jaws of defeat.

But General Patton – who had driven the German Army crazy earlier – continued to run the American forces under his command in a fashion that brought the Germans to a situation of bewilderment. They were always nervous about his next steps because he was a tactical genius and was never predictable.

Donald Trump may not have the most clarity of mind of a world leader. He certainly has a way with words that is not befitting of the executive branch of the United States of America. But he has our enemies on their heels at all times, and he has an excellent cadre of advisers around him. Yes, there are enemies and threats in the world we live in. We need an unpredictable leader like the one we have today.

Dr. Risch

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