Trump Releases Video that leaves Democrats Terrified of What’s to Come

by Phil Schneider

Is Donald Trump overstating things when he says that we are a failing nation under President Biden? Not at all. He is absolutely right that we are not energy independent nor energy independent. And yes – that is a big deal that may embroil US soldiers to get involved in fighting a war against Russia.

Donald Trump knows firsthand that free speech in America is seriously under attack due to the enormous power that social media companies have accrued over the last decade. Is it really true that our nation is now a joke? No. That is probably an overstatement.

But the positive side of this pre-election message from Donald Trump is absolutely great. “The best is yet to come.” Perhaps. But that is speculation.

There are many who will find the words, “We kneel to G-d and G-d alone” to be very inspirational. Many will not take Donald Trump very seriously.

The campaign-style commercial that the Trump 2024 campaign spun out following the Mar-a-Lago raid will probably boost the Trump 2024 campaign. After all, why should the raid have happened? For now, it is still unclear to most Americans and does seem like an attempt to knock out the Trump 2024 campaign before it even starts. The way that Donald Trump ably handled this raid on Donald Trump’s property completely fits into the general message of the Trump campaigns from before the 2020 election until today.

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