Bereaved Father from Sbarro Massacre in Israel Shares a Powerful Message

by Leah Rosenberg

The tragedy of the 2001 Sbarro Massacre left many mourning their loved ones. Some took that loss and brought more good into the world.

Remembering the Sbarro Massacre

Israel has experienced tragedy after tragedy throughout its history. Our enemies want us dead. They don’t care about life. They don’t care about children, about love, about happiness. All they care about is death. It is so heartbreaking to learn about the personal lives of those who have been murdered by terrorists over the years. When Malki Roth was killed in the Sbarro massacre in 2001, her family was distraught and heartbroken, to say the least.

But the thing about Jews is that they want to bring more light into the world. They want to rid the world of darkness in whatever way they can. That is the complete opposite way of the Jewish enemy who only seeks destruction and death.

And that is why Malki’s family created a foundation in Malki’s memory to help people. They wanted her kindness to live on. Jews don’t let darkness take over. They choose to bring more good into the world.

G-d has allowed the Jewish people to survive. There is no way to explain the existence of the Jews without G-d. We also look at what the Jews have done to survive. And part of the survival has depended on the will to live on even when all seems hopeless. Even when the Jewish Temples were destroyed, the Jewish people continued their traditions. They continued as a people to believe in G-d and seek him. And that is something truly remarkable.

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