No, Trump Is Not Planning A Coup

by David Mark

We know that Democrats are panicking about President Trump’s chances at pulling off the ultimate election comeback, when they paint his legal and constitutionally backed attempt at securing a victory as a “coup.”

As Tim Pool points out in the above video, Trump’s firing of top civilian defense officials appears to play into the Democrats narrative by making it look like the President is planning on staying no matter what. While this assertion seems to have legs, President Trump wouldn’t need to force the army to support him if he constitutionally remained president. The army is sworn to protect the Constitution.

So what is really going on?

Tim Pool correctly surmises that Trump is focused on removing troops from Syria, Iraq, and Afganistan. He has been vocal about this for years and believes strongly that US Armed forces are mistakenly being kept in these countries for no reason.

The fact is, this why Trump is such an enigma. It wasn’t that long ago that the left in the US, was against military intervention just about anywhere. This is what made Obama’s relationship with the leftwing of the Democrat party so tenuous. Obama bombed and intervened just about anywhere he wanted.

President Trump has largely refrained from this. By drawing down troops – whether or not he succeeds in staying in power – the President upends the Neo-Con control of America’s foreign policy and hands over the Middle East to indigenous populations to work it out.

You would think that the anti-interventionist left would applaud Trump’s move. Their longing for power though, prevents their ability to see how much better Trump’s foreign policy is than Biden’s.


Trump’s push to bring back American troops after nearly 20 years of occupation in the Middle East has been fast tracked and enabled by the signing of the Abraham Accord between Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE. This burgeoning alliance is fast becoming the fulcrum in Middle East Geopolitics in both an economic and geo-security paradigm. Given the fact that Bahrain has already made it clear to Biden that he wuld have to ok with them before reentering the Iranian nuclear agreement, shows just how revolutionary the Abraham Accord is.

The emerging Israel-Sunni alliance, coupled with a US troop pull out essentially means that if Biden somehow holds on in the face of surmounting legal issues connected to the 2020 election, his administration will be hard pressed to find a way to insert a US presence into the Middle East. Yet, Democrat interventionists and Neo-Con support, the Biden administration can always fake more WMD evidence to cook up a reason to return.

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