Trump Claims “Bodies Dumped Outside Wuhan Lab”

by Phil Schneider

The “China Virus.” That’s what former President Donald Trump labeled the Coronavirus. That was a very controversial claim – no surprise there – but it seems to have been 100% accurate. The covid-19 virus did indeed originate in the Wuhan region.

Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak will be debated for many decades. On the one hand, he cancelled flights from China very early on when that seemed like a radical step. On the other hand, he clearly had a difficult time realizing just how deadly and serious this pandemic was and what it would do to ravage America.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the way the United States handled the covid-19 outbreak was the shock and disbelief that so many people in the United States had and still have that such an outbreak could have perhaps been intentional. Yes, the Chinese may not have done this by mistake. Of course this would be a conspiracy of the first order of magnitude. But, when it comes to China, we should never underestimate just how horrible some of the designs are against the West and freedom in general.

There will always be those who will say Donald Trump was the best and those who will say he was the worst President. But odds are that history may label him as the first President to shift the focus of the United States towards confronting the threat from China. Nobody else ever did that till Donald Trump, and for that he should be praised.


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