Toronto Terror Attack was NOT a Van Attack

by Avi Abelow

The media calls it a van attack.   Moreover, the Toronto Mayor discussed “inclusivity.”  All of this transpired while nine of his citizens were just run over in a cold blooded murder. This is terror.  We need to pin the blame on the killer – not the van, and not the failure of “inclusivity!” Boost this post

Media Reporting

Look at how the media is reporting it. A van just mounted the pavement and a van mowed down pedestrians. Really? I don’t think so, and neither do a whole host of eye-witnesses to the terror attack.

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Calling out the Media

Denial of terror in the name of Islam is the standard response. It only encourages the enemy. Muslim terrorists began car ramming attacks in Israel a few years ago.  Yet the world would not stand up strongly in Israel’s defense. Now those attacks are happening across the Western world. The world should have come to Israel’s defense back then. Those in the Muslim world are attacking us all for the same reason, yet the Western elite prefer to deny that as well.

Blood Libel
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