Top Pro-Vaccine UK Cardiologist Now Calls to Halt the Covid Vaccines

by Avi Abelow

I highly suggest watching/listening to this top UK cardiologist on his complete turnaround from supporting the shot on British tv to today telling everyone to stop taking it. His personal story, professional experience and personal insight into the medical system are extremely important to hear. Especially important, and surprising, are the medical statistics he provides on the chances of being saved by taking the vaccine vs. getting injured by the vaccine.

And if you want to listen to him be interviewed by a Nobel prize nominee scientist where they go even deeper into the science, then listen to this podcast:

Then send the appropriate item to everyone you know and care about. Some people might be more open to listening to the medical podcast instead of hearing the program with Tucker Carlson.

Dr. Aseem Marlhotra’s Story

Dr. Malhotra took the first two Pfizer shots and was a big advocate for taking the vaccine on British TV.

A personal loss and tragedy made Dr Aseem Malhotra look into the evidence on COVID vaccines, specifically the mRNA vaccines. In his recent research paper, Dr Malhotra, a National Health Service (NHS) trained cardiologist, has ‘critically appraised’ the true benefits and potential harms of the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) coronavirus disease (COVID) vaccines.

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