The Top 8 Jewish Foods

by Phil Schneider

Fun holidays dot the calendar of the Jewish religion.  Jews observe exciting rituals AND savor the holidays with delicious, authentic foods. Some of these foods are only eaten on the designated holiday.  However, some people eat them all year round! But some foods are eaten on a weekly, or even a daily basis. So, what are the top 8 Jewish foods?

Top 8 Jewish Foods

(8) Hamentashen – The triangle Jewish cookie that is eaten on the Holiday of Purim. The evil man Haman, the villain of the Purim story wore a hat with 3 corners – thus the custom to eat a triangular cookie.  Fill each cookie with different flavors inside and enjoy!

(7) Potato Latkes – Fried potato pancakes.  This is a Hanukkah favorite!  It is absolutely delicious – but not healthy – so be careful not to overeat.

(6) Matzo ball soup – This delicious Jewish favorite ought to be a staple every week on the Shabbat.  However, most people only eat it on Passover.

(5) Shakshuka – Tasty dish with egg, onion, garlic, bell peppers, tomatoes, and spices.  North African Jews brought it to Israel.

(4) Bourekas – Puff Pastry.  Stuff it with ANYTHING you can imagine inside.

(3) Jelly Donuts – Serve these donuts on Hanukkah.  Another name for them is Sufganiyot.

(2) Cholent – A common Shabbat food – basically a stew – Prepare it beforehand and let it simmer in a crock pot, since you can’t start the process on Shabbat. Throw in potatoes, onions, beans, barley, spices, sauces, meat – or whatever else you can think of! It cooks for hours and hours and makes the home smell delicious.

And #1….

Challah – one of the most common foods in the Jewish religion! Every Shabbat, Jews eat this mouthwatering bread for religious reasons. It is probably one of the easier commandments to fulfill because of its unbelievable taste. Bake it sweet, or not sweet, with sesame seeds, raisins, poppy seeds, or other toppings. They all taste delicious with bread! When Challah bakes, the aroma completely takes over the room. What a way to enter the Shabbat!

This is just the start. There is so much more to learn about Jewish foods!

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