Tommy Robinson visits Palestinian Arab “refugee” camp

by Leah Rosenberg

Tommy Robinson sheds light on one of the most horrible travesties of the 20th century – the Arab refugee camps. It is common knowledge among many that the refugee camps in Israel are hotbeds for young Arabs to grow up and NOT become doctors and lawyers. It is more like growing up in an institution where crime and drugs are rampant. However, there is one major exception. They are with their families in these camps.

How did they get there?

Did the Arabs choose to go into refugee camps? Not really. Did the Israelis place them there? Absolutely not. These refugee camps were predominantly set up in the years of 1948-1967 under the Jordanian occupation. Why didn’t Jordan make things better for these refugees? Where were these Arabs beforehand?

The two questions are intertwined. Most of the Arabs in the refugee camps today are children of people who fled their villages on orders of the Arab invading armies in order to allow the Arab armies to kill off the Jewish State. The refugees planned on coming back and pillaging the Jewish villages and cities – as they did in Gush Etzion and the Old City of Jerusalem. But Israel won the war. And as in every major conflict, there will be displaced persons at the end of the war. After World War II, there were millions of displaced persons – hundreds of thousands were Jews. After the conflict in Yugoslavia there were hundreds of thousands of refugees. So too in the Land of Israel, there were tens of thousands of Arab refugees.

The Arab countries did not make a peace treaty with Israel after the War of Independence in 1948. They merely declared a cease-fire. They knew there would be another round. So, they cleverly kept the Arab refugees near the new State of Israel in a state of squalor so that they would be able to use them as an angry population that would join in the fight against Israel.

Well, fight again they did. But Israel defeated the Arabs in Sinai in 1956, and all across the Land of Israel in 1967. Then, Israel returned to their heartland – and voile – there were nearly a hundred thousand Arab refugees from the 1948 war who were in their midst.

A mess it is. Who created it? The Arab occupiers.

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