First international flight flies into Ramon Airport near Eilat

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel just keeps getting better and better! No matter how much the world attacks Israel, they just continue to build. Next on the list: Ramon Airport!

Ramon Airport

This is exciting news for Israel as the first international flight touched down in Ramon Airport. Ramon Airport is Israel’s brand new airport. It was named for Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut who was killed on the space shuttle Columbia. It was also named for his fallen son Assaf Ramon, an air force pilot. This airport is the first civilian airport to be built in the last 71 years since the state was founded. The new airport is near Eilat which is a popular vacation spot.

It is always inspiring to hear when Israel creates more and more in their tiny little country. Whether it is a medical breakthrough or another airport, Israel always has something good to share!

Israel Keeps Expanding

The world tends to focus on Israel as a war zone, which it is not. They claim Israel is an oppressor, which again, it is not. You might think that with so much negative attention, that might discourage a small country like Israel. With much of the world not defending their right to exist, it can seem hard to keep expanding and growing.

But Israel keeps getting bigger and better. The negative spotlight does not deter the Jewish state from growing. It does not make them feel inadequate or discouraged. Israel is a unique and special country. And if the world chooses not to see that, Israel will just keep showing them anyway!

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