How women were “celebrated” in Indonesia on Women’s Day

by Leah Rosenberg

Women’s Day is a time when we celebrate the advances of women in the world. But in some places, they don’t merely have customs that stand in stark contrast to what we celebrate. They celebrate the exact opposite. We celebrate the advancement of women in the modern day and age. They make sure to keep women from becoming full participants in the modern day and age. Of course, we all need to respect customs of all religions. The problem is when the customs of other religions threaten the very fabric of life that we live in. The problem is when the other religion looks to impose their lifestyle on us. When the customs of one religion include destroying other religions, it is time that we take a stand and say to our leaders that we need to make sure that we are protected.

Success of the Modern Feminist Movement

The role of women in modern society is radically different than it had been in previous centuries. The significant changes began in the first part of the 20th century. But, the major shift happened in the latter part of the 20the century. This is one of the successes of the liberal movement in the USA. It spread across the world. But not to all parts of the world. Women in today’s United States of America are truly liberated and free to live as they choose. They serve prominently in all professions and roles. Some may think that the role of the mother has been somewhat besmirched. Perhaps. However, the main point is that for the most part, women are free today and not dominated by norms that prioritize men in the world.

Yes, the barrier of President of the United States has still not been broken. But, it is clear that this will change soon – perhaps very soon. But if we want to protect our way of life, we need to protect our borders from would be “society changers.” If Indonesia stays primitive, that may not threaten our way of life. But if the United States lets in immigrants at the rapid-fire pace that it has been until now, then we will start having “safe zones” that will be dangerous for women. The next step will be more representatives in Congress that support “safe zones.” And then, one day the USA will have a rude awakening and realize that we have brought the failed European model of unbridled immigration into our midst and allowed ourselves to self-destruct.

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