Senior Hamas official says something disturbing to Palestinian Arab Youth

by Leah Rosenberg

If the Palestinian Arab Youth are being brainwashed to murder Israelis and destroy Israel, how will peace ever come? The next generation won’t be different.

Palestinian Arab Youth

Listen to the way this Hamas official talks to Palestinian Arab youth. He wants them to join terrorist groups. He wants them to destroy Israel. And that is the problem with the leadership. They do not want peace. “Palestinian” Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas also praises spilled Jewish blood. All the leaders incite violence and murder. And they start from a young age. This Hamas official even talks about teaching kindergarteners to “liberate” the land. That means to kill all the Jews and steal the land from its indigenous people. With this type of education, peace can never come. The hate is taught from such a young age, and it is truly disturbing.

Still Israel’s Fault?

It seems so ridiculous that the world still blames Israel for the fact that there is no peace in the Middle East. It is so obvious which side wants peace and which side wants war. Go to a kindergarten graduation in Gaza. Then go to an Israeli kindergarten graduation. It will be a terrifying contrast. Any group of people that teaches five year olds how to hold guns and murder is not a people that is aiming for peace. And anyone who is too blind to realize that is guilty as well.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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