To the White Leftists who support Black Lives Matter

by Phil Schneider

Who truly cares about the lives of the African American population in the United States? The answer is that it is not the people who are necessarily standing next to them in protests. Some of the protesters certainly do care. But more importantly, those anarchists who are egging on the rioters to loot, and who are providing the organization, the bricks, and the financial incentives, care very little about the African American population. Those who care the most for them may actually be the population that has been vilified the most by the protesters and rioters – the police themselves.

There is no better friend to any population than the upstanding law-abiding citizens and those that keep law and order in society. These include social workers, teachers, and yes – policemen and policewomen. The hooligans of society are the #1 threat to law and order, but they do not work alone. They work along with the anarchists who will do anything in their power to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump. They have painted him as such a devilish character that anything that weakens him is considered good, and anything that strengthens him is considered bad.

But in truth, what is needed more than anything now is a national calming down period and a restoration of law and order. Truth be told, Donald Trump is probably not the ideal person for this. But Joe Biden would probably be worse. What is needed is not necessarily a top-down approach, but a bottom-up approach where as many grassroots people call on everyone to calm down and get back to a normal existence. This will only happen if order is restored by the police. So, if indeed, Mayors and Governors allow havoc to continue, there will be big and small pockets of chaos all over the United States that will weaken the social fabric in these areas. Things can get better, but they will not if the anarchists run the show.


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