To the Jewish People: Come Home, Before it’s Too Late

by Leah Rosenberg

This is a powerful plea to the Jewish people. No one can ignore this. It’s time to come back to the Jewish homeland.

Please, Jewish People. Return to Your Homeland!

Some Jews have moved to Israel throughout the years because they wanted to. Because they knew G-d wanted them to. They know that Israel is their ancient, ancestral homeland. It’s the place to be the best Jew possible. They know that Israel is where Jewish history was, is, and will be. And some of the Jewish people have moved because they have no choice. Antisemitism is raging. Jews are being attacked throughout the world just because they are Jewish. They could not endure it anymore.

But there are still many, many Jews who have not come home. Don’t wait until there is literally no choice. The time to come home is now. G-d wants it. He wants you to live in His land. The Jewish people in Israel are waiting for you with open arms.

Do you want to live amongst those who want to destroy you? Or do you want to live in the land that G-d gave you with an army that protects you? Don’t you want to live with with your fellow brothers and sisters who love you?

It might not be easy to make the jump. And it might take time to restart your life in a new place. But that new place is really an ancient place. And it belongs to you. It’s where the future of the Jewish nation is. And it’s where your future must be.

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