MSNBC Was Finally Silenced After This Naftali Bennett Interview

by Phil Schneider

Is the Arab Israeli conflict about land? Did Israel take Arab Land and that is what is driving the present War in Gaza? There are indeed dimwits out there who still think that the reason that Arab barbarians beheaded children, raped Israeli girls, and kidnapped Holocaust survivors is because of a claim against Israel stealing Arab land. Does that make any sense?

Today, it is patently clear to anyone with eyes that the sub-human barbarians who perpetrated what they did against the Jewish people are the exact replicas of the Germans who killed millions of Jews in World War II. The only difference is that the Arabs who kill Jews scream Allah Akbar before they are killed.

But what about the innocent civilians? The truth is that the innocent civilian issue is a major issue. There are hundreds of thousands of Israelis who were forcefully kicked out of their homes due to Arab barbarism. There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli boys and girls who cannot go to college, study in a Yeshiva or go on with their lives because of Arab barbarism. They have been forced to become fighters. There are thousands of relatives of the more than 1,400 Jews who were killed by thousands of Arab barabarians who invaded Israel from Gaza. All of these people are innocent civilians who’s lives have been disrupted.

More than anything, the 1,400 Jews who were killed on October 7th are the innocent civilians that matter. The thousands of Jews who have been killed by Arab terror over the last two decades are the innocent civilians that matter. Jews take care of innocent civilans more than any other nationality.

Israeli medical soldiers fly all over the world to save innocent civilians from natural disasters that occurred in Haiti, Turkey, and anywhere else in the world. Israeli soldiers flew to help the millions of Ukrainian refugees in Putin’s brutal war against Ukraine. And that is despite all of the terrible collaboration between Ukrainians and Germans during World War II.

But Ukraine is a different country today. Germany is a different country today. Over 80 years, much has changed. Arabs in Gaza are no less barbarous than they have been over the last few centuries. But they could change – when the textbooks change and the speeches in the Mosque change. Until then, there is no chance.

Israel has done literally everything to still allow the not-innocent women from Gaza to flee to southern Gaza. Anyone who chose to stay there is caught in the crossfire because they support the war against Israel or because Hamas has basically kidnapped them too.

The only hope for any meaningful change for children in Gaza is for Israel to eradicate Hamas, destroy all of their weapons and control all of Gaza. Then Israel can help rebuild whatever is left after the destruction is complete. The only other alternative is for the children of Gaza to grow up to be barbarians like their parents. The Israeli Army is theonly hope for the young children of Gaza.

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