Thousands of Iranians Protest “Death to Khamenei” as Water Shortage Continues

by Leah Rosenberg

You can hear the Iranians protest and wish death to their supreme leader. Why? Because the regime is evil and doesn’t care about its people.

When the Iranians Protest, the World Should Wake up

This is not only about Israel. This is not only about the fact that the Iranian regime promises to destroy the one and only Jewish state – although that should be enough to warrant a strong response from the world, which for some reason it doesn’t. This is also about the Iranian people! Listen to the Iranians protest. Listen to what they think of their leaders. The people of Iran are furious. Their leaders don’t care about them. The people are lacking something as basic as water, and their leaders continue to seek Israel’s destruction along with the West. Instead of using money to help Iranians, the Iranian regime uses its money to sponsor terrorism throughout the entire world.

Why hasn’t the world woken up yet? Why won’t more governments, including the current US government, take a stronger stance against the Iranian regime?

Where are all the human rights organizations standing up for the Iranian people who are experiencing a water shortage? They are nowhere to be found.

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