A West Side Story Hanukkah Parody? Check this out!

by Leah Rosenberg

This West Side Story Hanukkah parody is so creative! You won’t be able to stop watching it. Be prepared to be extremely entertained!

A West Side Story Hanukkah Masterpiece

This Jewish acapella band, 613, created a musical masterpiece. Creative words, a creative video, and a creative way to use the West Side Story theme.

The Lyrics:

Candles we’re lighting on Chanukah
Blessings reciting on Chanukah
Fried foods we’re biting on Chanukah
Family uniting for Chanukah
I made a clay dreidel to spin
Why does it only land on shin?
Sufganiyot with my family
I’ll take a latke, if you please!
Chocolate money on Chanukah
Latkes are crunchy on Chanukah
Presents from Bubbe on Chanukah
I want a puppy for Chanukah!


Come gather around the menorah
And light each candle’s flame
While proudly, we proclaim: We’re free!
Menorah, recall the great Temple’s menorah
And how the oil they found
Kept burning strong and proud, brightly!
Menorah! Watch the flames as they’re dancing, swaying
Feel the joy of the blessings we’re saying Menorah!
With eight lights it’s called chanukiah.

Dear mighty Antiochus
You gotta understand
Your boys can kiss our tuchus
And get out of our land
The soldiers smashed our temple
And all our oil is bad
Goodness, Grecians, now you’ve made us mad!
Gee, King Antiochus, you’re really obtuse
You’ll never get us worshipping Apollo or Zeus
We don’t bow to idols you made out of wood
This polytheism’s no good It’s no good! It’s no good, it’s no good
No, it’s just no good
All this polytheism’s no good.

Eight nights, eight nights
We celebrate God’s might
And Maccabees for saving the day
Eight nights, eight nights
A festival of lights
We give thanks that we’ve lived to this day
Eight days, we’ll have this celebration
For miracles that happened
The victories and the light
Now, here we are
Our hearts and candles shining like stars
Eight nights!

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