Ted Cruz Goes off on Biden Nominee Exposing Controversial Tweets

by Phil Schneider

The Biden administration is filled with anti-Donald Trump supporters. This may seem like a reasonable situation. After all, there is very little today that is non-partisan in Washington. One can blame Donald Trump for that or blame Barack Obama’s administration for this. Either way, what is clearly going on is a strong spirit of anything but non-partisanship. Can this change any time soon?

It seems like nothing will improve in the USA on this matter. That is probably a mistake. It seemed that way back in the 60’s. Things were spiraling out of control – and the Vietnam War split the country in a way that had not been seen since the Civil War. But the 70’s – after the Nixon impeachment – actually was a calming decade, and the 80’s that came after were even more calming and prosperous.

There is good reason to assume that from 2024 onward, there will be a decade of calm led by a Republican uniter like Nikki Haley or some other reasonable candidate that will not support defunding the police. However, if this prediction is wrong, and what happens is that a Kamala Harris type candidate assumes power, unbridled immigration dominates the borders, and the Supreme Court is packed against the will of the majority of America, then things will just spiral downward. We must stand up and join with Ted Cruz and other Republicans who are literally saving the United States.

Col. Kemp

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