This Jerusalem Day, The Capital Is More United Than Ever

by David Mark

In 1967 when the paratroopers liberated the Temple Mount and the IDF liberated all of Jerusalem, much of the historic areas that once had thriving Jewish populations were still filled with Arabs.

56 years later, Jerusalem is undergoing a transformation. Areas that were once yudenrein or empty of Jews have thriving Jewish communities. In fact, there are over 1,000 Jews living in today’s “muslim” and “christian quarters.” Outside the Old City walls there are the neighborhoods of Shiloach, Maale Zeitim, and Kidmat Tzion, Beit Orot, Shimon HaTzaddik, and more.

These Jewish neighborhoods have risen due to the devotion and faith of families seeking to ensure that Jerusalem remains united under Israel and the Jewish people. Through housing purchases and renovations, many neighborhoods have continued to grow.

While there are many organizations involved in the redemption of Jewish property, one organization stands out.

Ateret Cohanim is the leading organization bringing Jewish life back to all of Jerusalem. Beyond the Old City their flag ship neighborhood, the Shiloach or Yemenite Village is seeing a renaissance, with more and properties returning to Jewish hands. Surrounded by Arabs, the Jews in the Yemenite Village like other neighborhoods Ateret Cohanim is involved with are there as representatives of the Jewish people. While it may be dangerous, these Jewish families are at the forefront of the physical redemption of Jerusalem.

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