This is Why the Jewish People Will Overcome the Judicial Reform Divide

by Leah Rosenberg

Media outlets are highlighting the divide between the Jewish people now. But there is still a sense of unity that exists. You gotta see this.

The Jewish People Are One

Yes, it’s true. Sadly, there is a lot of strife and disagreement surrounding Israel’s judicial reforms. But that doesn’t mean that the unity between the Jewish people is completely lost. There have been moments of love and connection that must be shown to the people of Israel and to the world. This is one of those moments.

The rallies that have taken place have not only been filled with heated debate and anger. As Gedaliah Bloom said about this rally:

“Just attended a rally yesterday and the experience opened my eyes to the raw emotions our fellow Israelis are going through in the wake of the ongoing judicial reform debate. Saw firsthand the hurt, the fear, the passion, and the love for our country.

The dialogue was intense, with heart-felt pleas echoing on both sides. It reminded me of something profoundly simple, yet often forgotten: No one side holds the complete truth. We all view the world through our unique lenses, shaped by our experiences, beliefs, and hopes.

That’s why it’s vital for us to listen – truly listen – to one another. God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us two ears and one mouth. Perhaps to remind us to listen twice as much as we speak. It’s only through respectful dialogue and understanding that we can bridge our differences.

Whether we stand on the left, the right, or somewhere in between, let’s not forget that what unites us – our shared love for this country and our people – is far stronger than what divides us.

Let’s keep the dialogue going. Let’s continue to listen and learn from each other. Let’s approach these turbulent times with open hearts and open minds.”

As the Jewish nation, let’s show each other and the world that no matter what our opinions might be, at the end of the day, we are brothers. We share a history. We are G-d’s chosen people. He chose all of us. We must not forget why our Temple was destroyed. And it is these actions like the kindness shown in this video that help bring the final redemption closer.

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