This is Why Israelis Love Bibi Right Now

by Phil Schneider

What should Israel’s goal be in Gaza? Ask Joe Biden and haters of Israel and they will say that the key is for Israel to not kill as many innocent civilians as they have thus far. That is the endless clarion call that the mass media repeats again and again in order to pressure Israel. Netanyahu knows exactly what Israel’s #1 goal must be. Israel must win. 

If there is one issue that people in Israel, of all types, left-wing and right-wing, agree on, it is that Israel must win the war and destroy Hamas once and for all. The threat to communities in southern Israel must end once and for all. The horrible events of October 7th proved to nearly all left-wingers that Arabs should never be trusted with sovereignty in any part of the Land of Israel.  

Netanyahu understands that Israelis as a whole know that on October 7th, Israel went through a massive trauma that continues to this day. The only thing that will cure the traumatic sense that Israelis are filled with is a sense of being on the right side of the battle between good and evil. Victory is critical, not only in order to destroy the Hamas threat. It will restore the trust that the Israeli people have in their leadership and their sense of security moving forward.

Although some polls indicate that Netanyahu is not as popular today as he had been before the October 7th attack, time and again, Netanyahu nearly always seems to find a way to win back the confidence of Israeli voters. His call to win conclusively is right-on with the will of the Israeli people. 

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